Singing makes you Happy

Updated: Dec 15, 2020

Don’t give up on yourself, you can sing, too!

Singing makes you happy.

In fact, everybody knows it.

But so many people simply don't dare to sing.

“Lucky those who can sing“ you might say.

Everybody can sing.

You don't believe me? Give it a try.

Singing is a blessing.

All of a sudden we have a good posture, a much better breathing and a more intense facial expression – and we feel happy.

Singing is probably the ultimate form of expression for people without using any tools.

A beautiful voice gives a whole new dimension to words.

Of course we admire virtuoso instrumentalists, solo dancers and painters. But when we listen to a beautiful voice, it goes deep into our heart and we remember it for a very long time, more than anything else.

You look after your clothes, you train your body and you improve your expertise.

What about your voice?

Make something out of it. Make yourself happy and experience your voice in a new way.

In the age of YouTube and iTunes we are virtually flooded by music, but what do we take from it personally? In the 20th century, singing was much more a part of everyday life. People sang at home, at school, everywhere. Nowadays we don't sing any more, we walk the roads with our headphones and we send an SMS or an email.

“I will make a fool of myself, if I take singing classes.“

Do you make a fool of yourself, if you take advice from a doctor?

Taking classes will help you to learn the DOs and the DONTs of singing and will show you, what you know already.

“My voice sounds horrible. There's nothing you can do about it.“

Yes, you can.

Our singing voice is trained, whereas our speaking voice was gained by imitation only.

When we learn to speak, we imitate our parents and our entire social environment, including their weaknesses and mistakes, their dialect-driven vocal colors and more.

A healthy baby does not lose his or her voice by crying. The energetic power of a baby's voice is quite impressing.

Babies know how to do it right by instinct.

So in order to get a beautiful voice, you only need to rediscover and draw upon your innate skills.

But how do you do it?

Practice. Only for a couple of minutes every day - or simply as often as you want to.

You will be able to hear the difference soon and you will be amazed by the quick success!

My intention is to give you some simple advice and exercises so you can experience your own voice. Therefore I will spare you physiological insights and too much technical details. After all, you just want to sing!

Give it a try.

You won't regret it.

Make yourself happy.


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