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Vocal Healing

Embrace your inner voice

The sound produced by the air makes your vocal folds vibrate and resonates in your body.

This unique experience can heal your body and soul from the inside.

You know the desire to scream when you feel hurt.
You know the unavoidable crying when your heart and soul suffer.

But you also know how happy you feel humming or singing
just like that,

or singing out loudly.

You might think that your voice does not sound good enough

or that you can't sing.

Everybody can sing.

Everybody has a beautiful voice.

Discover your inner voice by letting it out of its emotional prison.

Feel connected to yourself, to other people, to life.

If your voice seems to be stuck by new or old emotions,
or you just want to feel happy with yourself and sing it out,
join me for your personal


vocal healing session

in person or online.

Request an available date and time by email.

The session is open to everybody, even though you might think you can't sing!

Please share this message with all your contacts, especially on social media,

to offer vocal healing to all your friends.

May the force of your inner voice be with you.


Christin Bonin, PhD

"Hello everybody!

Vocal healing is close to my heart and I would like to offer this experience to everybody.

After so many years as a singer, voice teacher, and academic, I deeply believe that music can heal your soul

Leave all aspects of "success", "applause", "stardom", and "money" beside and you will find happiness.

It is hard to connect to your inner self if your purpose is wrong.

If you love music, if you love singing, just forget about vocal technique and listen to your heart

and sing.

There is nothing more fulfilling than living the experience of connecting to yourself by singing.

Just try.

You will not regret it."

Yours, Christin Bonin


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