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Speech Coaching
Empower Your Voice

Psychological studies say that
your first impression
depends on
38 % of your voice
… and only 7 % of your words.

Speech Coaching

If you've seen the movie The King's Speech, you know that you can learn how to speak to people.

Coaching means training and the process to develop a technique how to speak convincingly.

However, coaching also means developing a strategy to reach your personal goals and perspectives, including the support to cope with changes on your own.

This will improve your self-management and your competencies.

Speech Coaching with Dr. Christin Bonin concentrates on your unique voice, your vocal expression, and the vocal impression you make on other people.

You will develop your vocal abilities (for example loudness, timbre and expression) to underline your words and to empower your personality.

The sound of your voice and authentical speaking will impress your audience and be responsible for decisions made in your favor.

Science has proved that knowledge is fundamental for a sales pitch, but final decisions are made by the buyer's gut.
So, if intuition is the most important factor, why Speechcoaching?

People are influenceable.

Knowing how to influence clients in your favor thanks to your voice is essential.

Speechcoaching will empower your personality and underline your uniqueness.

Speechcoaching will increase your success.
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