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Belt Voice Training – Singing with a Belting Voice

Belt Voice Training is a method book to train your belt voice with exercises available on download tracks.

How the belt exercises work is explained exactly and in a way that allows you to reproduce the sound. 

This approach makes it possible to actually achieve a belting voice.

Concrete examples of how you can master the techniques of modern songs will also be addressed, like "Listen" by Beyoncé or "We are the Champions" by Freddie Mercury and “Hurt” by Christina Aguilera, as well as other various styles in Musicals, Pop, Soul, Jazz, and Rock.

The Mp3-Files offer not only sound excerpts from different voices but also separate tracks with piano accompaniment so that you can practice alone. 

An extensive training program on how to learn to belt out a song

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Chest Voice Exercise - Demo-female
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Mix belt Exercise - Demo-male
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Belting – Deutsche Ausgabe

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